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Modernising Church Spaces: 21st Century Adaptations

Most churches throughout their life spans will be in need of modernising, the question is which 21st Century adaptation is your church in the most need of?

There would have been a time when churches were simple buildings.

Centuries ago, when they were built to be centres of the community, the priorities of the designers and engineers were a little different to what they are today. In the 13th and 14th Centuries when churches were rising from the ground on an almost yearly basis, architects and builders were more concerned with how resilient their new buildings would be to a forceful attack from an invasive army than the wily tricks of an opportunistic burglar.

Today’s churches have to serve multiple functions. Although they’re still very much considered a part of the community, it’s also vital that they have the kind of modern features expected of any other multi-purpose venue. The following 21st Century adaptations might not be crucial additions for every church, but they are fast becoming the standard amongst new builds. How many changes does your church need to make, to keep up with the times?

Integrated PA System

Have you arrived late to a Sunday Service and found that you’re lip-reading the revered for the next hour? High-quality speaker systems have been dropping in price year-on-year for the last decade, making this a great time to invest in one for your church. With a good set of speakers correctly positioned and your reverend fitted with a microphone your sermons will be perfectly audible for the entire congregation to hear.

New Lighting

Although many argue that the dramatic shadows provided by a lack of lighting in churches is part and parcel of the experience, we understand that many older people and those with poor eyesight would beg to differ. Reading, whether it be from a service sheet or a hymn book, is an integral component of attending church so it only follows that you should provide your congregation with the adequate lighting to do so. There are a handful of lighting companies who specialise in providing soft lighting for churches that aim to blend seamlessly with standard church decor.

Security Systems

Many rural churches might think that they don’t have to worry about security, but the sad truth is that it’s better to be safe than sorry. You don’t necessarily need a high-tech security system to protect your church, but it is worth investing in quality locks and ensuring that your access points are all adequately secured. Churches can often be easy targets for opportunistic thieves and whilst you might not have much to lose, the damage caused to the building can often be a hefty toll to pay.

Disabled Access

Finally, regardless of the age of your building it is crucial that your church stands up to the rigorous health and safety regulations that every public building should uphold. Although some listed buildings are often exempt from making structural changes, it’s growing increasingly necessary for churches to fit disabled access features so that people of all abilities can get easy, safe access to their buildings.

If you need a second opinion on what adaptations your church needs to make, you can send us an email using the ‘Reach Out’ page.