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Fundraising Tips for Church Renovation

Whether your church requires a complete rewire, or a ceiling needs re-plastering…

…collecting funds to pay for these renovations can sometimes be a real pain.

Often the churches that struggle the most when collecting donations for vital improvements are the small ones. Church communities can exist for decades with the smallest of congregations, but when it comes to covering a potentially huge bill for renovation these small groups often have to resort to alternative means of fundraising to keep their church open.

Luckily, despite the decreasing numbers of Christians in Britain, the public is still open to donating money to religious groups, especially when they’re made aware of the important role that many of these churches play in the community.

If you’re looking to raise money for your church renovations, why not think about trying a few of these ideas out with your congregation?

Hold a Bake Sale or Coffee Morning

Everyone loves a slice of cake with a cup of coffee! Holding a relaxed coffee morning in your church is a great way to show the local community what kind of work your church has been getting done and even gives you an opportunity to highlight the parts of your building that need fixing. Get your priest to make a mention of this at your next Sunday service and galvanise your congregation to make some truly scrumptious cakes to sell to the public.

Fun Run or Marathon

It feels like everyone’s getting into running these days and your church can get in on the fun as well! There are fun runs and races of all lengths taking place all across the country, how much money you raise for your church will depend on the distance you run, the number of runners and how well you promote yourself. You might well find that you can raise more money if you get your elderly members to take part in a relaxed fun run or walk.

Christmas Busking

If you haven’t noticed, we’re getting closer and closer to the festive season once more. Now is the perfect time to get you best singers together and start practicing your Christmas carols. Once you’ve polished off your repertoire you can take your choir out into the streets of your local town or city and raise some money busking. The general public tend to be far more generous the closer we get to Christmas – so make sure you take advantage of this!

Flea Market

Entice the local bargain hunters in your community into your church with a Flea Market or American-style Yard Sale! This idea requires your congregation to be really generous and offer up some unwanted items of their own for sale. Old tat and clothes are unlikely to raise much money, but if you have a couple of big ticket items then you have a chance of raising a good amount of money. Some of the best things to sell are: music records, vintage clothes and limited edition crockery.

Raising money for renovations can be a real challenge for a small church community, but with the right tactic anything can be achieved.